Ir'Gu est un artiste    Ir'Gu is an artist

Ir'Gu is an artist announces the sale of 4 NFT pieces representing QR Codes with inlaid photo and coded quote.
These are famous people who each have their own image.

The chosen sales site is hic et nunc .

Each token will be issued in 5 copies that you will surely like to collect.
The series of QR Codes will certainly grow to commemorate other characters of all origins.

Go quickly to the site hic et nunc.

Communiquez via Twitter @irgostiru
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List of tokens issued

QRC101 Caius Julius Caesar OBJKT#114759
QRC102 Charles de Gaulle OBJKT#114789
QRC103 Albert Einstein OBJKT#114792
QRC104 John Fitzgerald Kennedy OBJKT#114802

Last update 06/04/2021
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